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Finally! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been searching for years to replace a rechargeable Ladies Remington that finally died after more than 15 years of use. I first used one of these Finishing Touch Flawless that my mom had found at a discount store and knew I had to get my own. Perfect for the bikini area, which is exactly what I was looking for. Stays charged for weeks after one charge, cuts close, no nicks, easy to handle and all-around perfect for the bikini area. The light is a nice added touch.


Perfect answer to my stepdaughters need to shave. The is eight and still too young for a razor. She was very self conscious of some hair on her legs, which is naturally dark, so this is a very safe and great way to boost her self esteem and teach her how to groom herself as she grows older.


My friend recommended this she got hers from cvs but either way she said she uses it on her vag and underarms and she has no itching and it doesn’t hurt. So with that I ordered it. I did a test patch on my leg and I had no irritation. I did the vag and bikini area it went great hair taken down very finely. Definitely recommend. I had no itching or bumps afterwards and even after a few days had no issues. I feel like if you like baby smooth you would have to go in with a razor after taken the hair down. For me it took down so low that you can’t really tell unless up close. With this you don’t get it wet or use any product to shave so makes since why it doesn’t get baby smooth. Nonetheless I love it !


My underarms nice and soft no stubbles don't have to shave for a week an a half


This is much better than my Remington electric shaver for my legs. Do to being older I have less hair and so this works perfectly for doing my leg especially with the light I can see the fine blond hairs. I didn't much like it for other areas as i can use the straight razor in the shower for those. I'm also very happy with the FT Flawless for Brows. It's perfect for me keeping the shape. I had bought it despite the negative comments and was very pleased. No more wax.